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Website health checks 4 your fishing business ...

So how healthy is your existing fishing website?

Paying a fortune to have a great looking website unfortunately doesn't mean that it will generate your fishing business loads of extra customers. Competition on the internet is as fierce these days for angling businesses as it is for any business. If your site does not show up well (ie on the first page) of the major search engines (Gogle, Yahoo and MSN) the sadly, no one much is going to visit your site and your business suffers.

In addition some sites do not display correctly in all web browsers. Nestcape, Firefox, Opera are the new generation of web browsers and unless your fishing website is correctly coded, it might not display properly in some or all web browsers.


So how can angling 4 business bring your site back to life?

We will initiate a website health check and recommend some or all of the following to help get more visitors to your fishing website.

- Improve your positioning with the major search engines
  • check your website coding to make sure the site is constructed correctly
  • choose suitable keywords and phrases for your website (terms that potential customers will type into search engines)
  • ensure the content of your web pages are rich in these keywords and phrases
  • optimise your web page title and your description and keyword tags (bits of website design code that search engines read and which help determine your search engine popularity / ranking)
  • submit or resubmit your wesbite pages to all the major search engines
  • remove any "tricks" that may be on your web site that try to fool search engines into ranking sites more highly (They are not easily fooled these days and they might even penalise you for trying to fool them !!)
- Link Campaigns
One of the key factors in determining the popularity of your website and the resulting number of visitors to it, is the number of links from other websites pointing to yours. The more links there are to your website from other websites, the higher your site will appear in the search engines (especially Google, the major search engine). Angling 4 business can find and create quality incoming links for you.

- Paid Advertising:

If you have a healthy marketing budget, angling 4 business can search out the best way to advertise your product or services on the internet via pay-per-click advertising. This can be a very effective way of advertising but can be expensive so is not for everyone.

Although the measures listed above are long term strategies and there is no guarantee of how much additional traffic they will bring to your site, there is plenty that can be done to bring your website back to life. Angling 4 business is here to help improvew the fortunes of your fishing business !! So why not get in touch today and see how we can help you.
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